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Voice Chat, Vol. 1: ‘Fallout 3’ Dev. Gets Angry Discussing Gaming Pirates

Fallout 3

This is a feature that never launched at MTV because of boring technical reasons. Here’s the idea: for better or worse, most blog stories are based on extracting a single text quote from a story or interview. Why not audio, too?

The way someone says something can sometimes be more powerful than what’s actually said, which is how I felt when interviewing “Fallout 3” public relations lead Pete Hines before his game was released last fall and we talked about how Bethesda Softworks deals with piracy. It was a touchy subject.

I’ve embedded the clip below (if someone has a more elegant hosting solution I can embed on a free WordPress blog, please let me know!), but if you’d like a copy of the text, too, I’ve included that after the jump.

Pete Hines on “Fallout 3” piracy by Patrickklepek
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Pete Hines on “Fallout 3” piracy (663 KB)

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