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In two weeks, I move to Los Angeles. Phew, I said it.

I will be joining Andrew “Skip” Pfister, former podcast editor for 1UP.com, and Sterling McGarvey, now former editor at GameSpy, as part of a fresh batch of recruits for the online editorial team at G4tv.com. Try not to judge a book by its cover…yet — there are massive changes coming to G4tv.com very soon.

My job will be very similar to the work I’ve been doing for the past several years, both at 1UP, MTV News and as a freelancer. I will be reporting the news. Originally, I had intended to turn this blog into a rebellious outlet for my reporting, giving poor-paying freelance the finger and exercising my talents through this gloriously bland-looking blog. Then, I realized I needed to help make rent. Bad paying freelance is better than no paying freelance.

But I’m very lucky, very humbled by the opportunity to continue doing what I love at G4tv.com. In an economy where most people are struggling to find a job period, to be fortune enough to have options was something I did not take lightly. G4tv.com is particularly exciting, an opportunity to shape the editorial direction of a new outlet, work in close proximity with good friends and colleagues (the working from home thing has grown old) and still stay in California.

I almost moved to New York, but chose not to.

You can start following my work over at G4tv.com, but since working for G4tv.com involves a move to Los Angeles, my contributions will occur in spurts. We are all scheduled to start working in the G4tv.com offices the week before E3, right around the time some big changes to the site are supposed to drop.

I will miss heading to the 1UP.com offices, as I have done for the past month or so, to record Listen Up with John Davison, Garnett Lee and David Ellis. I consider all three of them close friends, and will miss them (and many others) dearly when I move onto The Next Big Thing ™. Unless plans change, I will still be on the next two episodes. Try not to say anything too stupid, Patrick.

But change is good. Change is good.

What happens to this blog? I’m not sure. As expected, it fell by the wayside. I’m considering opening up a Tumblr. Maybe it will continue to be a place I drop the material that doesn’t make sense elsewhere. Or I can just drop LOST theories until the new season premieres. Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for reading. The best is yet to come.



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Voice Chat, Vol. 1: ‘Fallout 3’ Dev. Gets Angry Discussing Gaming Pirates

Fallout 3

This is a feature that never launched at MTV because of boring technical reasons. Here’s the idea: for better or worse, most blog stories are based on extracting a single text quote from a story or interview. Why not audio, too?

The way someone says something can sometimes be more powerful than what’s actually said, which is how I felt when interviewing “Fallout 3” public relations lead Pete Hines before his game was released last fall and we talked about how Bethesda Softworks deals with piracy. It was a touchy subject.

I’ve embedded the clip below (if someone has a more elegant hosting solution I can embed on a free WordPress blog, please let me know!), but if you’d like a copy of the text, too, I’ve included that after the jump.

Pete Hines on “Fallout 3” piracy by Patrickklepek
Download now or listen on posterous

Pete Hines on “Fallout 3” piracy (663 KB)

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I want my MTV…

MTV Multiplayer…but I can’t have it.

Budget cuts forced MTV News to make some hard decisions (I hope this one was hard) and one included slimming their freelance budget. The news came a year after I’d left the company responsible for my career, UGO Ziff Davis, and started with MTV Multiplayer and MTV News. My 12 months spent with MTV, under hard-as-nails editor Stephen Totilo and alongside writer Tracey John, were invaluable.

It’s time to move on, though.

Instead of getting upset — though I shed a few tears telling my girlfriend what happened, however inevitable this seemed — I’m embracing change. Change is good, change is healthy, but change often comes at inopportune times. The problem, obviously, is finding out what that change means for me.

Right now, it means heading into the competitive freelance market. Issue number one: every gig is something my friends are vying for, too. Money in my pocket is money not in theirs. That’s not a comfortable position to be in, but it’s the reality of gaming editorial at the moment. Stay in school, prospective writers!

What’s this blog about? Who knows. There’s good reason to expect I’ll update once or twice before watching it fade into Internet noise, but I’ve always wanted my own little place on the web, so why not? Plus, I have a few ideas I was never able to execute at MTV. Maybe I can do them here.

By the way, the name Push The Button came out of a desire to have a blog that simultaneously referenced Lost and games. That’s as close I could get.

With that, I’m ready to finish my last two days with MTV. Look for me on this week’s Listen Up podcast, too, and maybe Rebel FM next week.

P.S. Little Known Stephen Totilo Fact #1: He’s a karate master. Not joking.


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