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In two weeks, I move to Los Angeles. Phew, I said it.

I will be joining Andrew “Skip” Pfister, former podcast editor for, and Sterling McGarvey, now former editor at GameSpy, as part of a fresh batch of recruits for the online editorial team at Try not to judge a book by its cover…yet — there are massive changes coming to very soon.

My job will be very similar to the work I’ve been doing for the past several years, both at 1UP, MTV News and as a freelancer. I will be reporting the news. Originally, I had intended to turn this blog into a rebellious outlet for my reporting, giving poor-paying freelance the finger and exercising my talents through this gloriously bland-looking blog. Then, I realized I needed to help make rent. Bad paying freelance is better than no paying freelance.

But I’m very lucky, very humbled by the opportunity to continue doing what I love at In an economy where most people are struggling to find a job period, to be fortune enough to have options was something I did not take lightly. is particularly exciting, an opportunity to shape the editorial direction of a new outlet, work in close proximity with good friends and colleagues (the working from home thing has grown old) and still stay in California.

I almost moved to New York, but chose not to.

You can start following my work over at, but since working for involves a move to Los Angeles, my contributions will occur in spurts. We are all scheduled to start working in the offices the week before E3, right around the time some big changes to the site are supposed to drop.

I will miss heading to the offices, as I have done for the past month or so, to record Listen Up with John Davison, Garnett Lee and David Ellis. I consider all three of them close friends, and will miss them (and many others) dearly when I move onto The Next Big Thing ™. Unless plans change, I will still be on the next two episodes. Try not to say anything too stupid, Patrick.

But change is good. Change is good.

What happens to this blog? I’m not sure. As expected, it fell by the wayside. I’m considering opening up a Tumblr. Maybe it will continue to be a place I drop the material that doesn’t make sense elsewhere. Or I can just drop LOST theories until the new season premieres. Suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for reading. The best is yet to come.



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There’s a reason I’ve been silent

You’ll hear why soon.

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Do you want this gaming swag?

I don’t!

Rather than throw these items out or allowing them to continue rotting on my desk, I’d like to find them a loving home. Here are the items are up for grabs:

* Metal Gear Solid Touch iPhone / iPod Touch cover

Metal Gear Solid iPod Touch Cover

* Valkyria Chronicles replacement cover signed by the developers

Valkyria Chronicles

What do you have to do to win them? Hmm. How about a cooler graphic header for the blog. I’m not much with the Photoshop skills. Something Mega Man related would be nice. 🙂 Send them to

Please state your prize preference in the e-mail!


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‘Weapon of Choice’ Community Games Developer Unhappy With Current Sales

Weapon of Choice

We now have the first tangible evidence of whether Community Games, Microsoft’s independent-centric downloadable games service powered by their freely available XNA Game Studio toolset, has been a success or not.

The first set of sales data arrived to developers last week, in the midst of the Game Developers Conference (more on that soon, by the way). It’s up to developers to share their successes and failures. Mommy’s Best Games, the studio behind the well-received Weapon of Choice, isn’t sharing specifics, but have clearly stated disappointment on their development blog.

Weapon of Choice has so far sold less than 10,000 copies, falling into a sales category Mommy’s Best Games describes as “that hurts.”

“We want to make kick ass games, full-time. I left one of the best video game employers to strike out and make my own games,” explained co-founder and ex-Insomniac Games developer Nathan Fouts on his blog. “This is my full time job, I am not a hobbyist and Weapon of Choice shows that. It is a full-fledged game, which took a full year to make. Not only did we hope sales would recoup the savings we spent during the year of development, we hoped it would provide enough financing to support the development of our next game.”

It’s currently unknown what impact this will have on the future direction of small companies like Mommy’s Best Games, or if they’ll try to “ride it out” with another game and see if the market for independent games over Xbox Live expands.

Others will likely share their sales data in the coming days. I’m already in contact with several developers to talk about their responses to the sales so far — that article will appear somewhere that isn’t here. 🙂


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GDC: 2D Boy’s Argument For Going Indie In A Bad Economy

World of Goo

A constantly shrinking economy means that going independent isn’t as easy as it used to be, admitted 2D Boy (they made World of Goo) co-founder Ron Carmel at the Game Developers Conference today.

“My thinking at the time was: what’s the worst that could happen?” he said. “I quit my job, I go through some of my savings for a year and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just get another job. I realize today that maybe the same argument wouldn’t apply as much. [laughs]”

Still, Carmel doesn’t think that’s a reason to not pursue independent game development, even if the leap of faith is slightly scarier these days. If making games is your dream, Carmel’s advice was simple.

“You only live once,” he said.

Good point.


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GDC: Ngmoco Argues For Restraint With iPhone Downloadable Content


Ngmoco head Neil Young, formerly of Electronic Arts, addressed fears of downloadable content exploitation during his opening keynote at the Game Developers Conference.

Gamers became a little easy when Apple introduced the ability for developers to incorporate downloadable content into their iPhone games with the upcoming operating system update, currently dubbed iPhone 3.0.

Young showed a demo of LiveFire, their upcoming iPhone first-person-shooter, which famously featured a moment where a player purchased a 99-cent rocket launcher. That’s not indicative of where they’re going with iPhone downloadable content, Young told the audience.

“That’s not gonna happen,” said Young. “We’re not gonna prioritize greed over gameplay.”

The rocket launcher was just a proof-of-concept, he said.

Downloadable content is coming to the iPhone this year, though, and LiveFire will be one of the games taking advantage of it out of the gate. If we’re not buying rocket launchers, what will we be buying? So far, Young isn’t saying.


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Where I Am On The Internet

Posts have been planned. Posts have been cancelled. Such is the nature of a blog you always expected to ignore. Oh, and there’s the whole matter of my dog’s paw getting lodged in an escalator mishap and her losing a toe. Yes, that.

But in less depressing matters, I’ve been keeping myself busy writing for a number of outlets over the past two weeks. Here’s where you can find me, if you haven’t been following my updates and link whoring on Twitter:

What They Play:

Amazon Quiet On Trade-In Service’s Future, Won’t Reply To GameStop Criticisms
Head-to-Head: Amazon’s New Trade-In Program vs. GameStop

Green Pixels

5 Games To Fulfill Your Zombie Cravings


Why The Conduit Dropped Wii MotionPlus Support
Sony Explains Why LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2 Weren’t Downloadable

More to come, thankfully.


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