Do you want this gaming swag?

I don’t!

Rather than throw these items out or allowing them to continue rotting on my desk, I’d like to find them a loving home. Here are the items are up for grabs:

* Metal Gear Solid Touch iPhone / iPod Touch cover

Metal Gear Solid iPod Touch Cover

* Valkyria Chronicles replacement cover signed by the developers

Valkyria Chronicles

What do you have to do to win them? Hmm. How about a cooler graphic header for the blog. I’m not much with the Photoshop skills. Something Mega Man related would be nice. 🙂 Send them to

Please state your prize preference in the e-mail!



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2 responses to “Do you want this gaming swag?

  1. Unfortunately, I’m no good with Photoshop or header design in general, so I can’t compete, but good luck to those who throw their hats into the ring. I was hoping that I could get signed Valkyria Chronicles cover, but I’ll deal with it. 😦

  2. I need to do this before I move — give away rotting old things from my desk, I mean. Is that legal?

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