GDC: Ngmoco Argues For Restraint With iPhone Downloadable Content


Ngmoco head Neil Young, formerly of Electronic Arts, addressed fears of downloadable content exploitation during his opening keynote at the Game Developers Conference.

Gamers became a little easy when Apple introduced the ability for developers to incorporate downloadable content into their iPhone games with the upcoming operating system update, currently dubbed iPhone 3.0.

Young showed a demo of LiveFire, their upcoming iPhone first-person-shooter, which famously featured a moment where a player purchased a 99-cent rocket launcher. That’s not indicative of where they’re going with iPhone downloadable content, Young told the audience.

“That’s not gonna happen,” said Young. “We’re not gonna prioritize greed over gameplay.”

The rocket launcher was just a proof-of-concept, he said.

Downloadable content is coming to the iPhone this year, though, and LiveFire will be one of the games taking advantage of it out of the gate. If we’re not buying rocket launchers, what will we be buying? So far, Young isn’t saying.



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2 responses to “GDC: Ngmoco Argues For Restraint With iPhone Downloadable Content

  1. Mat

    I was really worried about this when I read that first. I spend enough money on my iPod Touch as it is, the last thing I wanna do is have to pay for extra Rolando levels.

    By-the-way. Love what you’re doin with your blog for GDC and keep up the good work, I’m gonna be coming here all week looking for updates. You should post links to any GDC related news stories you write for 1up, or any other website as well. That would definitely be helpful.

  2. It was a little surreal reading about the DLC demonstration at the iPhone 3.0 event last week. Even if they’re not planning to implement this kind of strategy, you’d think a former EA man would have learned a thing or two from the more infamous cases of console DLC this cycle and the backlash against them.

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