The following is a list of news outlets, including ones I write for, that ran erroneous information about BioShock 2, based on a message board post inaccurately summarizing a Game Informer feature. This prompted both Game Informer and publisher 2K Games to vaguely attempt damage control.

* 1UP.com
* Kotaku
* Computer & Video Games
* Destructoid
* Joystiq
* Shacknews

There are countless other outlets that ran the “news,” too, but every single one of the aforementioned publications had the means to verify the information they passed on, information they were forced to backpedal on only hours later.

At least with Famitsu, you can claim it’s a different language. Embarrassing.



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17 responses to “Embarrassing

  1. Haha, I saw all of that info this morning, got really excited, and then realized what was going on. Pretty unprofessional. Scratch that. REALLY unprofessional.

  2. Kotaku and Joystiq I’m not surprised to see on that list, the rest though, for shame 😦

    (unless they put “rumor” or something to that effect, I give a pass)

  3. Glad you got the list up for this. I think that there is a need for a “Daily Show” like take on video games journalism.

  4. I just don’t understand why certain sites didn’t put a rumor tag on it from the start, I mean if it comes from a forum, you’re asking for shady news. People can lie, it’s up to reporters to filter the BS and report fact as best they can. This is what fact checking is for.

    Honestly though, it’s like lemmings, if one site jumps off the edge and writes the story, the rest have to follow suit or they won’t get their share of the hits. And if enough outlets run it, it’s no longer shady news that could look bad for them, it’s widely accepted (and soon debunked) shady news, making it harmless in the grand scheme of editorial integrity.

  5. Peter Skerritt

    You can add G4’s “The Feed” to that list.

    It’s what sites do these days, right or wrong. They have people pounding other sites, message boards, and any other sources they can find to post “news”. There’s little or no fact-checking anymore, and it’s generally cleared up with “updates” if the story isn’t accurate.

  6. G-Man

    The ‘Rumor Tag’ is not enough, in my opinion. It is a scapegoat used to drive hits and can be applied to most anything. If it turns out to be true then that publication ‘called it.’ Otherwise? ‘Oh, that was just a rumor!’

  7. Flavius

    There is no question of right or wrong here. It is absolutely wrong. To be blunt: it’s fucking lazy and irresponsible. More evidence that game and journalism are typically conjoined in a manner akin to the Queen of Spades and the 10 of Clubs in a house of cards. Blow too hard and the shit comes tumbling down. I don’t care whether peeps refer to themselves as journalists or critics in this instance, if you’re one of those parties responsible for perpetuating this mumbo jumbo, do yourself a favor and bone up on your Journalism and Ethics 101.

    That said, right on Patrick. Solid post.

  8. Dan

    Yeah, I have been seeing this all day, but thought it was just all speculation and just ignored it. It’s not surprising for these websites though to do this because the story will easily get views, with Bioshock 1 (God that’s not going to sound cool saying that) being as popular as it is.

  9. KT

    Observe, as a Joystiqer hilariously whines:

    • Flavius

      I must be missing something, KT. You don’t find that to be a valid question, regardless of how it’s ultimately answered?

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  11. elle

    1. I’m sure Joystiq, Kotaku and Destructoid would claim – as they have in the past – that it’s not journalism, it’s a blog. They post links to interesting things written by others, but it’s not reporting. They’ll gladly claim they can’t be expected to fact-check the Internet – that’s what journalism is for.

    That’s not a good defense, but it’s what they’ll put up for one and stand behind to the last. “It’s just a blog, so we’re not responsible” is the new “the First Amendment protects it, so we’re not responsible.” Half a true statement, half an unrelated shirking of responsibility.

    I’ve noticed that Joystiq recently dredged up an old linkbait rumor about Fez and posted it with a link to another site the freelance contributing editor runs, for one. But, it’s not journalism! It’s a blog!

    2. It didn’t help anyone that the second post on the original 2K Games forum thread was a 2K Games forum moderator backing it up with links to other forums. That’s the sort of post a moderator should moderate rather than encourage.

  12. I assume that like Kotaku, most of these sites posted the information as rumor and did reach out to 2k for verification.

    That’s why 2k replied in the forums.

    Rumors are, by their very nature, not always correct. If the information is fact checked, the perspective included and the companies involved contacted, I don’t think there is an issue.

    • Patrick Ray

      I’m not quite sure how anyone reads that write-up by Fahey without at least one guffaw escaping his or her lips, Brian. Quoting forum goers? As I’ve said elsewhere, labeling something as rumor is not the golden ticket that nets you a free pass. I’d also ask for clarification regarding you, Fahey, or someone else at Kotaku “reach(ing) out” to 2k. The follow-up suggests that the author merely did what he did in the first instance, and published what he caught on the boards, instead of doing as you suggest and actively following up with the guys at 2k.

      Simple question: what made this tidbit any more authoritative than any of the other random craziness we all see on message boards on a daily basis? I must be missing something here, because if this is how you guys are operating and intend to continue to operate, I don’t know why you’d ever bother with the facts at all.

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  14. I can tell that this is not the first time at all that you mention the topic. Why have you chosen it again?

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