Where I Am On The Internet

Posts have been planned. Posts have been cancelled. Such is the nature of a blog you always expected to ignore. Oh, and there’s the whole matter of my dog’s paw getting lodged in an escalator mishap and her losing a toe. Yes, that.

But in less depressing matters, I’ve been keeping myself busy writing for a number of outlets over the past two weeks. Here’s where you can find me, if you haven’t been following my updates and link whoring on Twitter:

What They Play:

Amazon Quiet On Trade-In Service’s Future, Won’t Reply To GameStop Criticisms
Head-to-Head: Amazon’s New Trade-In Program vs. GameStop

Green Pixels

5 Games To Fulfill Your Zombie Cravings


Why The Conduit Dropped Wii MotionPlus Support
Sony Explains Why LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2 Weren’t Downloadable

More to come, thankfully.



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3 responses to “Where I Am On The Internet

  1. eznark

    Green Pixels, I think you mean.

  2. pk

    You are correct. I’ve got Co-Op on the brain.

  3. Hey Patrick, nice piece on Amazon vs. GameStop. It’s gonna sound like I’m plugging the guys (and maybe I am, since I completed my first trade and it was easy), but I’m interested in if/what you think about SwitchGames.com. I talked to one of the founders earlier this week and they are also very keen on challenging GameStop for the used games market, albeit in a different way.

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