Congrats, Area 5 — As A Present, My Own Embarrassing Video

In celebration of my dear friends at Area 5 signing a deal to make Co-Op a show at Revision3, I humbly present “Max Payne Auditions,” a video I shot and edited with my friends during our freshman year of high school, as part of our made up production company, Schumanfu Studios. Spoiler: I’m not in this one. What would convince me to post one of those? Hmm.



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7 responses to “Congrats, Area 5 — As A Present, My Own Embarrassing Video

  1. The most hilarious parts were the credits and the link at the end that links to a Doctor referral site. atta boy, klepek.

  2. Hahaha! Awesome 🙂 … If they do Max Payne 2 for a theatrical release I highly recommend recommending your friends for the primary roles. I’m sure after this many years their skillz have only doubled or tripled.

    Also, thanks for being a part of our stuff, man, it’s great having you on the show!

  3. pk

    @Jake used to be my personal site back in high school. A friend of mine actually owns it now. I have no idea why, though.

    @matt Even though I’ve kept myself extremely busy post-MTV, one of my goals is to reacquaint myself with the editing skills I had years ago. I’m not about to join Area 5, but I used to be competent enough to turn my visions into mediocre reality. I picked up a Kodak Zi6 for this reason. Well, also because it’s crap the iPhone doesn’t do video natively.

  4. The Metal Gear music is definitely a nice touch.

  5. Clare G

    Epic juvenilia. Makes me want to go and play Max Payne (though I don’t think it would be nearly as amusing).

  6. Um, excuse me. Schumanfu Studios blossomed into a very real design studio comprised solely of myself. I made some money through its vast credibility predating it’s legitimate existence.

  7. Also,

    Please get back from Jason as a way to motivate you to edit new videos. Nothings worth doing unless you have a domain dedicated to it anyway. Before you know it, the domain will house some pyramid porno scheme tarnishing the Klepek name forever.

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