I want my MTV…

MTV Multiplayer…but I can’t have it.

Budget cuts forced MTV News to make some hard decisions (I hope this one was hard) and one included slimming their freelance budget. The news came a year after I’d left the company responsible for my career, UGO Ziff Davis, and started with MTV Multiplayer and MTV News. My 12 months spent with MTV, under hard-as-nails editor Stephen Totilo and alongside writer Tracey John, were invaluable.

It’s time to move on, though.

Instead of getting upset — though I shed a few tears telling my girlfriend what happened, however inevitable this seemed — I’m embracing change. Change is good, change is healthy, but change often comes at inopportune times. The problem, obviously, is finding out what that change means for me.

Right now, it means heading into the competitive freelance market. Issue number one: every gig is something my friends are vying for, too. Money in my pocket is money not in theirs. That’s not a comfortable position to be in, but it’s the reality of gaming editorial at the moment. Stay in school, prospective writers!

What’s this blog about? Who knows. There’s good reason to expect I’ll update once or twice before watching it fade into Internet noise, but I’ve always wanted my own little place on the web, so why not? Plus, I have a few ideas I was never able to execute at MTV. Maybe I can do them here.

By the way, the name Push The Button came out of a desire to have a blog that simultaneously referenced Lost and games. That’s as close I could get.

With that, I’m ready to finish my last two days with MTV. Look for me on this week’s Listen Up podcast, too, and maybe Rebel FM next week.

P.S. Little Known Stephen Totilo Fact #1: He’s a karate master. Not joking.



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9 responses to “I want my MTV…

  1. Push the button? I think that’s a pretty good mashup of Lost and Videogames. I’m looking forward to see what you do with your blog.

  2. Hey Patrick, sad to see leave MTV Multiplayer. You’re an enthusiastic writer that we’re all sad to see leave the site. On the other hand, welcome to the land of smaller, less significant blogs. I’m sure you’ll do well in the downtime between finding a new place to work. Look forward to what you have to say. ^_^

  3. Bummer. For a second I thought you were going to become a developer, I’m glad that I was wrong. Its good to see you back in the freelance game.

  4. Not videogame related, but this is the first thing that came to mind when I saw your title 😀

  5. diggin’ the megaman banner at the top. 😛

  6. mikedefault

    Great to see you on the blog space! Looking forward to seeing what you do

  7. Hey Patrick, Sorry to hear about what happened. I really liked reading your stuff on multiplayer. I hope you manage to keep up with some stuff here on your blog while you fight out in the fierce trenches of freelance journalism.

  8. Hang in there and chin up, Patrick. Great pitches will always find a home.

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